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    • Tube feeding Pigeons and Doves straight into the crop is the quickest and cleanest way to hand rear them. These feed tubes are used by us at Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue to rear and medicate hundreds of Pigeons per Year. The tubes are made from clear silicone. They are FDA and FBR approved.


    We have 3 different sizes of feeding tube depending on the age of the bird:-


    • 5ml syringe with 2.5mm tube for newly hatched Pigeons and Doves
    • 10ml syringe with 4mm tube for 2-3 week old Pigeons and Doves
    • 20ml syringe with 5mm tube - 3 weeks and over



    We suggest sterilising before first use, preferably in a steam steriliser. Clean in mild detergent and sterilise between each feed. If using liquid sterilising solution do not leave in solution for longer than instructed time. Spare tubes are available in store and can be attached to new syringes when needed, using small cable ties.

    20ml Pigeon Feeding Tubes (pack of 8)


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