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    Net weight - 450g


    Finches can be difficult to transition from their handrearing mix onto solid foods and so having given this some thought, we have come up with a mix that will help encourage them.


    This mix is great on it's own but by mixing with their hand rearing mix, you can gently encourage your finches to peck at the different elements knowing that they are getting a good quality balanced mix that will continue to meet all of their dietary needs.


    The mix consists of Egg food, Insect Patee, Fruit Patee and a Songbird Mix containing crushed and very small seeds. A perfect all round balance for all finches.

    FinchWeaning Mix

    • The 500g weight formula contains:-

      • Egg Food
      • Avian Insect Mix
      • Dried Insects
      • Small and crushed seeds
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