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  • For squirrels, kittens, puppies and other small mammals
  • Featuring a wider, ridged kneading pad for paws to grip
  • Made from 100% food-grade silicone
  • Odorless, sanitary, and longer lasting than latex
  • Translucent so you can see liquid moving through the tip
  • Snug fit — Won't slip off syringe!


Fits Luer-lock and Slip-tip syringes

Henry’s Easy-Grip Nipples make nursing more natural for small, orphaned mammals including squirrels, kittens, puppies and rabbits. 


Featuring a wider kneading pad with ridges for little paws to grip, each nipple also has a convenient pre-made hole and simply slips onto the feeding syringe.  


Made from 100% food-grade silicone, Henry’s Easy-Grip Nipples are odorless, sanitary, and more durable than latex. Wash with soap and hot water after each use.  


We recommend at least 2 Easy-Grip Nipples for each nursing baby.


Henry’s Easy-Grip Nipples fit all Luer-lock syringes, and 0.5 ml, 1 ml, and 3 ml Slip-tip syringes.

Easy Grip Nipple


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