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A beginner's guide to rearing Wild Birds

This book covers everything from which birds to help and which to leave alone, how to reunite a bird with its parents and if that is not possible how to give it the best chance to grow into a healthy, and above all, wild, adult! 


A guide to identifying Nestlings & Fledglings

This easy photographic identification guide aims to cover the nestling and fledgling stages of the most common bird species found in UK 


How We Got Here

When I started Bedfordshire Wildlife Rescue in 2004, finding information was a challenge.  I gained information from many different sources; bought wildlife books, trawled the internet and spoke to experts and vets. Of course, over the years, I tried new techniques, changed diets and discovered some new ideas and recipes. What some say works for them, hasn’t necessarily worked for me and it is trying to replicate the natural bird diet in an achievable form that is most challenging and not always pleasant.

Now, with a huge life change meaning that the charity is sadly no more, my small book and this site is the culmination of the information that I gathered over the years and gives as much practical advice as possible for someone interested in helping orphaned wild animals. 


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